315 China worm and sector steering gear near me shop 355 400 in Sanaa Yemen Centre Distance Double Enveloping Worm Gear Worm Gearbox Worm Series with top quality

315  China  worm and sector steering gear  near me shop 355 400  in Sanaa Yemen  Centre Distance Double Enveloping Worm Gear Worm Gearbox Worm Series with top quality

We – EPG Group the biggest worm gearbox, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 distinct branches. For more particulars: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828 /

Gear-reducer inefficiency converts electricity to warmth. AGMA ( American Gear Manufacturers Assn.) guidelines for worm-equipment, helical, and other types of reducers limit the optimum allowable functioning temperature to 100°F above ambient, not to exceed 200°F. To continue to be inside of these tips, worm-gear reducers need to be substantially larger than equal-rated helical reducers (to dissipate a lot more heat) or depend on auxiliary cooling units. nema 34 equipment reducer The China worm reducer reductor substantial specific CNC products, such as Gradual-feeding wire-reduce machine, jig grinding equipment and electrical discharge device, ensures the leading high quality precision of mould processing, with the high effective and environmental defense acid rolling line currently being the largest raw substance changing gear in the subject in china The wildly use of computerized milling equipment, large-speed computerized feeding punch, large pace automated rolling and assembling device assures the large good quality and performance of parts and chain generating. 315/355/four hundred Centre Length  Double Enveloping Worm Equipment Worm Gearbox Worm Series

Product Description
one, Large torque double enveloping worm equipment modify toughest working condition .
two,Universal layout double enveloping worm gearbox.
three, Smooth and noiseless procedure double worm gearbox.
four, Increased driving effectiveness than standard worm equipment.
5, Growing loading capability .
six, Stringent top quality examination just before shipping
7, Personalized layout for different software
8, Prolonged existence provider interval
nine,ideal value with moderated
10, moderate cost & high quality

In a Worm Gearbox, Worm Reduction Gear Box, Worm Velocity Reducer and Equipment Motor Manufacturer, three to eleven equipment tooth are typically in get in touch with with the worm, depending on the ratio. The elevated quantity of driven gear enamel that are in get in touch with with the worm significantly boosts torque capacity also raises shock load resistance. In addition to rising the amount of pushed equipment teeth in speak to with the worm, Worm Gearbox, Worm Reduction Gear Box, Worm Speed Reducer and Gear Motor Maker also increases the make contact with spot on each equipment tooth. The actual regions of instantaneous make contact with between the worm threads and the driven gear tooth are strains. These lines of contact shift across the confront of the gear tooth as it progresses by means of its whole time of mesh with the worm. The lines of contact in double-enveloping worm gearing are configured to improve the electricity transmission capacity and reduce the stress on each equipment tooth.



Info sheet on CUW double enveloping worm equipment reducer :

Product ShaftDia. (mm) Center Height (CUW) (CUW) Output shaft Dia. Power Ratio Permitted Torque Bodyweight
(CUW) input Solid(h6) (mm) (mm) (kw) (Nm) (KGS)
one hundred 28 one hundred ninety 48 1.forty one~11.5 10 .twenty five~ 62 683-1094 42
125 32 225 55 2.42~19.7 10 .25 ~ 62 1170~2221 65
140 38 255 sixty five 3.ninety four~25.nine 10 .25 ~ 62 1555 ~ 3473 eighty five
a hundred and sixty 42 290 70 4.39~35.seven 10 .25 ~ 62 2143 ~4212 120
a hundred and eighty 48 320 eighty five.83~47.5 10 .25 ~ 62 2812 ~ 5387 a hundred and seventy
200 fifty five 350 90 seven.52 ~61.two 10 .25 ~ 62 3624 ~6859 220
225 sixty 390 100 9.nine~eighty one.four 10 .25 ~ 62 4872 ~ 9224 290
250 sixty five 430 110 12.9 ~one zero five 10 .25~ 62 6284~11892 380
280 70 480 120 sixteen.9 ~ 138 10 .25 ~ 62 8347 ~ 15820 520
315 seventy five 530 a hundred and forty 22.5 ~183 10 .25 ~ 62 11068~ 19450 700
355 80 595 a hundred and fifty thirty~245 10 .25 ~ 62 14818 ~28014  1030
four hundred 90 660 one hundred seventy 32.1 ~261 10 .25 ~ 62 15786~29918 1400
450 100 740 a hundred ninety 42.6 ~347 10 .25 ~ 62 20998~39881 1980
five hundred a hundred and ten 815 210 fifty four.9 ~ 448 10 .25 ~ 62 27097~51180 2700


The advantage of Sgr Substantial Efficiency, Low Noice Cone Worm Series Worm Gearbox design and style are extraordinary. 1st, the whole load is divided among much more person gear enamel, and the load is more divided where enamel assist two traces of contact. This excellent load distribution significantly will increase load carrying capability. Second, the enhanced torque throughput permits a more compact reducer to produce the identical amount of torque, ensuing in dimension and weight financial savings.
Double-enveloping worm gearing can have masses that would demand considerably greater and heavier cylindrical worm gearing.

Our Companies

With all our actions DNV-ISO 9001, SGS -qualified, we stand for leading-top quality services. Entrusting your gearboxes to the care of our Solutions.

Assist safeguard your gearbox from wear and grinding, SGR gearbox converts torque reliably and effi­ciently.
We customize our SGR planetary gear units, double enveloping worm gearbox, helical gear motor, modular design and style helical gear unit, worm gearbox, cycloidal gearbox etc to fit your application and satisfy your demands. 

These characteristics enable a trustworthy and protected service lifestyle of in excess of two hundred 000 operational hrs. 

Our consumers have been inserting their have confidence in in SGR gear models given that 1997. Far more than 500 000 equipment units of our gearbox are in use reliably around the globe, in numerous circumstances below extremely severe problems.



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315  China  worm and sector steering gear  near me shop 355 400  in Sanaa Yemen  Centre Distance Double Enveloping Worm Gear Worm Gearbox Worm Series with top quality