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China 12V 24V 48V High Power Low RPM 200w 1000w 1500w Electric Motor Dc Motor Gearbox High Torque wholesaler

Warranty: 1 year
Product Number: 22ZYT ~ 110ZYT
Use: BOAT, Electrical Bicycle, Home Equipment, Cosmetic instrument, Sensible House
Sort: Brush Motor
Torque: Customised
Construction: Long lasting Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Shield Function: Totally Enclosed
Velocity(RPM): Customized
Ongoing Present(A): Custom-made
Efficiency: IE one
Motor kind: Dc Brush Worm Equipment Motor
Voltage: 12V/24V
Packaging Specifics: Carton / Pallet
Port: HangZhou or ZheJiang

DC WMotors Attributes
Gearbox Design571 ~ a hundred thirty
Equipment ratio5 : 1 ~ one hundred : 1
Motor kindBrushed DC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Stepper Motor
Motor diameter55 ~ 130mm
Nominal voltage12v, 24v, 27v, 48v, 80v, blank sprocket 110v, 220v DC
Nominal pace1500 ~ 15000rpm
Nominal powerUp to 5KW
IP scoreUp to IP65
SelectionMagnetic / optical encoder, power-on / electrical power-off brake, connector
Standard ApplicationsJuicer / Curtain & Window / Robot Pool Cleaner / Door & Gate / Robot Lawn Mower / Automated Pool Cover / Solar Monitoring Program, and so on.

We have a vast range of motor powers and gearbox ratios for choice. Tailored support is offered. Please freely contact us to examine more.

Organization Info

Items Class



Packaging & Transport

one Q: What’s your MOQ ? A: 1 unit is suitable. 2 Q: What about your guarantee? A: 1 yr.
3 Q: Do you supply custom-made motors?
A: Sure

four Q: How about your payment terms ? A: TT, western union, Simplex 06B-1 18T C45 steel ISO normal Black coating roller chain sprocket paypal & LC.
5 Q: How about your package deal for delivery ? A: Carton & pallet.
six Q: What data need to be given, if I want to buy from you ? A: Rated power, gearbox ratio, input speed, mounting place. A lot more details, far better!
7 Q: How do you make the supply? A: We will evaluate and choose the most appropriate techniques of supply by sea, air or specific courier.
More questions, make sure you freely ci

worm reducer

A-Drive PWC single worm reducer gearbox

A worm gear is a gear used to reduce the speed of a mechanical device. Often used in the automotive and shipbuilding industries, these gears have a lifespan comparable to many other types of reducer gearboxes. As a result, worm gears continue to be popular with engineers.

Agknx driver

Conical drive worm reducer gearboxes are an excellent choice for a variety of applications. The double-enveloping worm gear geometry of the Agknx Drive reducer gearbox provides a larger contact area and higher torque carrying capacity. This specialized gear system is also ideal for applications requiring higher precision.
Agknx Drive’s products are ideal for the solar, packaging, steel, food and pulp and paper industries. Additionally, Agknx Drive’s products are ideal for motion control and medium to heavy duty applications. The company’s dedicated sales and service teams are available to assist with your specific needs.
Agknx drive worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in single, double and triple reductions. Depending on the application, a single stage unit can transport up to 7,500 lbs. of torque. Its low-cost, compact design makes it a convenient option. Conical drive gearboxes are versatile and durable.
X & H

X & H worm gear units feature worm gear sets and are available in two different series. The X-Series includes XA versions with shaft and XF to XC versions with motor mounts. Compared to the XC compact series, the XF series offers outstanding versatility and higher efficiency. The H series combines the features of the X series with a spur gear pre-stage on the input. The H series has a die cast aluminum housing and cast iron shaft.
The X & H Worm reducer gearbox Series “H” helical gears are compatible with NMRV and C side input 56F wired motors. These gear reducer gearboxes are low cost and easy to install. They feature a cast iron housing and four threaded mounting holes.
RV seriese aluminum right angle

RV seriese aluminum right angle worm reduces versatility and durability. They are available in a variety of sizes including 25, 30, 40, 50, 63, 75, 110, 130, 150. Featuring standard NEMA motor input flanges and torque arm or foot mounting options, these reducer gearboxes are ideal for a variety of applications.
RV series worm gear reducer gearbox is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with compact structure. It also features light weight, corrosion resistance and low noise. Its housing is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, while the worm gear is made of 20CrM. The worm gear is heat treated by carbon quenching to increase its hardness. The thickness of the carbide layer is between 0.3-0.5mm.
These worm gear reducer gearboxes have multiple functions to maximize efficiency. In addition to being corrosion resistant, they are available in a variety of sizes to suit any application. Other features include a corrosion-resistant cast iron housing, enclosed breather, double-lip seal and magnetic drain plug. These worm gear reducer gearboxes are available with single or dual input shafts and are interchangeable with NMRVs.
Aluminum alloy right angle worm reducer gearbox is a light, durable and efficient gear reduction device. Its compact design makes it lighter than other gearheads, while its rust-resistant surface and long life make it an excellent choice for industrial and automotive applications. It is available in a variety of sizes, including inches.
worm reducerAGknx Single

Worm reducer gearboxes can be classified as sacrificial gears. It is used to reduce the torque of the machine. It has two parts: a worm and wheels. The worm can be made of brass or steel. Brass worm gears corrode easily. Phosphorus EP gear fluid can run on brass worm gears. It creates a thin oxide layer on the gear teeth, protecting them from impact forces and extreme mechanical conditions. Unfortunately, it can also cause serious damage to the brass wheels.
Worm reducer gearboxes work by transferring energy only when the worm is sliding. This process wears away the lubricating layer and metal of the wheel. Eventually, the worm surface reaches the top of the wheel and absorbs more lubricant. This process will repeat itself in the next revolution.
Worm reducer gearboxes have two benefits: they are compact and take up little space. They can slow down high-output motors while maintaining their torque. Another important feature of the worm gear reducer gearbox is its high transmission ratio capability. It can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions, and a bidirectional version is also available.
Worm gears have some complications compared to standard gear sets, but overall they are reliable and durable. Proper installation and lubrication can make them sturdy, efficient devices.
A-Drive AGknx Single

If you’re considering purchasing a new worm gear reducer gearbox for your A-Drive AGknx single, you need to understand your goals. While single-stage worm reducer gearboxes can be used, their reduction ratios are often limited. In most cases, they can only achieve a reduction ratio of 10:1. However, there are other types of gears that provide additional speed reduction capabilities.
The worm reducer gearbox consists of two parts: the input worm and the output worm. Each component has its own rotational speed, the input worm rotates in a single direction and the output worm wheel rotates vertically. In a five-to-one ratio, the input worm rotates five times for each output worm. Likewise, a 60-to-1 ratio requires 60 revolutions of each worm. Due to this arrangement, the worm reducer gearbox is inefficient. Gear reduction is inefficient due to sliding friction rather than rolling friction.
Worm reducer gearboxes are also susceptible to thermal stress. They run hotter than hypoid reducer gearboxes, which reduces their useful life. In addition to higher heat, worm reducer gearboxes can experience component failure over time. In addition, an oil change is imminent due to the deterioration of lubrication.
The worm gear reducer gearbox of the A-Drive PPC single is a direct drive gearbox for personal watercraft. It has bronze bushings, aluminum gears, and a spool box. The spool box has a quarter-inch plated spool to wrap 1/4-inch 7 x 19 aircraft cable. Its design also makes it a more efficient alternative to belt-driven AGknx cranes.
worm reducerAGknx X & H

The AGknx X & H worm gear reducer gearbox series is a high-performance universal mount worm gear reducer gearbox. It features a spur gear primary on the input for higher performance and a wider range of gear ratios. Its design also allows it to be used with a variety of input shaft types, including shaft and closed-coupled applications.
It is available in a variety of sizes, including popular frame sizes 90 and 110. The worm shaft is made of case-hardened alloy steel with a cast iron hub and bronze ring gear. The standard output shaft is hollow. There are also models with dual single-shaft outputs.

China 12V 24V 48V High Power Low RPM 200w 1000w 1500w Electric Motor Dc Motor Gearbox High Torque     wholesaler China 12V 24V 48V High Power Low RPM 200w 1000w 1500w Electric Motor Dc Motor Gearbox High Torque     wholesaler
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China 70SW31ZY 24V 12v dc motor 15 watt Worm Gearbox motors for fire equipments Low Speed 5 RPM 12v high torque 20kg.cm dc motor aluminum worm gearbox

Guarantee: 1 year
Product Amount: DSD-70SW31ZY
Usage: BOAT, Car, Electrical Bicycle, Fan, House Equipment
Kind: Gear MOTOR
Torque: 80Kgf.cm, 80Kgf.cm
Design: correct angle equipment motor
Commutation: Brush
Shield Characteristic: Completely Enclosed
Pace(RPM): 5rpm
Continuous Recent(A): No load 650mA
Efficiency: IE four
Size: 40x115mm
Voltage: 24V
Electricity: 3.3W
Pace: 5rpm
Certificates: CE RoHS
Certification: ce, RoHS
Packaging Particulars: Each set in foam200pcs packed in standard carton
Port: HangZhou/Hong Kong

DSD Motor is designer and maker for Mini DC Equipment Motor, DC Micro BLDC Brushless motor, kindly make contact with me with necessary Voltage/Velocity/Torque/Measurement, we will offer very best remedy for your program.
70SW31ZY 24V DC Worm Gear Motor for massive machinary Lower Velocity 5 RPM

Technical specs underneath are for reference only. Speak to us for a lot more.

Model QuantityRated Volt.No LoadAt Max PerformanceStall
DSD-70SW31ZY0128000-1624K12Vfive520three.81950sixty five2.fifty three5000410
DSD-70SW31ZY57110500-177K24Vfifty nine500482000twelve.66.215100fifty eight
DSD-70SW31ZY5718000-1624K24Vfivefive hundred31700one hundred twentythree.692500220
Remark: 1 Kgf.cm≈0.098 N.m≈14 oz.in 1 mm≈0.039 in

What a Model Amount Tells You?
We stick to some policies to develop every product quantity. A model number would tell you a lot of useful messages. Listed here is a sample.

So right here we can learn that it is a 37mm Round Spur gear motor, 12V driving motor #555, no load input velocity 6000rpm and reduction ratio a hundred:1. Hey, what about output speed? You want to do a tiny calculation. Enter velocity 6000rpm ÷reduction ratio one hundred = 60rpm.

Technological Information of Gearbox

Reduction Phasefour5
Reduction Ratio177K, 306K, Stainless Cat Pendant Necklace Vogue Necklace For lover Partners SS007 361K, 423K492K, 641K, 846K, 1145K, 1624K
Gearbox Effectiveness65%59%

Specialized Information of Motor
Motor designRated Volt.No loadLoadStall
DSD-31ZY571350024≤ CZPT ULTEGRA CS R8000 Freewheels Street Bicycle eleven Velocity cassette 11-28T Sprocket bicycle 11s 11v a hundred3500≤2202600ninetytwo.five≥360≥850

Diy with Your Gear Motor
With the Complex Knowledge of Gearbox and Specialized Information of Motor, now you are ready to Diy with your equipment motor. Adhere to the methods here.

Normal Applications
Business Details HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.shunda Motor, DSD Motor, is a DC motor producer with many years of ordeals on developing and production situated at HangZhou, China. Equiped with our skilled R&D crew and production program, we are able of delivering solutions and making varies DC motor for various apps and requirements.
Our DC gear motor are broadly utilized on home appliances, office equipments, wellness-treatment and splendor-care facilities, healthcare equipments, toys, SWC285DH2 brief flex welding sort common coupling Manufacturing facility immediate sale Cardan shaft Higher Top quality Double common joint electronic tools, electronic commodities, automobile elements and computerized systems as effectively.
We always maintain close relationship to the marketplace, and provide greatest services to achieve high popularity from our buyers. Our marketplaces have distribute to United states, Europe, South East Asia, ZheJiang , Hong Kong and domestic marketplace. Warmly welcome your speak to and check out to DSD Motor manufacturing facility.

FAQQ: Can you make a motor with customized specs?
A: Yes, actually that is what we do most of the time.
Q: What is shipping and delivery time of samples?
A: 1~3 months.
Q: What is shipping time of mass production?
A: 4~5 months.
Q: What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
A: You can locate it in the front of the item web pages.
Q: Do you have motors in stock?
A: No, we really do not. All motors are created with orders.
Q: How much does a motor cost?
A: You should deliver us an inquiry and explain to us just what you are searching for.
Q: Do you have quality control?
A: Of course, we have a expert QC crew.
Q: Are you a actual manufacturing facility?
A: Indeed, we are.
Q: How to pay out you?
A: a) We prefer PayPal transfer for samples and modest volume of funds. b) Bank transfer for huge quantity of money. Standard payment phrases: thirty% deposit, equilibrium prior to cargo / against shipping and delivery documents.
Q: How do you handle shipment?
A: We recommend DHL Categorical for samples and small quantities. It is very quick, secure and comparatively inexpensive. b) We arrange cargo by sea and by air and go with FOB/CIF/CFR phrases for huge portions.
Q: What do you want to know if I want a advice on motor?
A: Normally we require to know proportions, rated voltage, velocity at load/no load, torque at load/stall. i.e. a motor with diameter 37mm, OEM ODM Company Amerian ASA European DIN8187 ISOR 606 Japan JIS common Roller Chain Sprockets 12V, 100rpm and 2Kgf.cm at load.
Q: Can I question you for assist if I know practically nothing about motor?
A: Indeed, our enjoyment. We are good men and women with large hearts.

worm reducer

Is a worm gear reducer gearbox right for your application?

If you’re interested in gear reduction and wondering if a worm gear reducer gearbox is right for your application, you’ve come to the right place. This gear reducer gearbox is efficient and compact. In addition, it has small clearances and is easy to install. Let’s take a closer look.

This is a reducer gearbox

Worm reducer gearbox is a type of reduction gear used in machinery. This gear reduces the output speed by changing the ratio of input to output. Gears come in a wide range of sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. Its efficiency depends on the ratio and size of the gears. It is usually used in low speed applications. But it can also be used as an auxiliary braking device for high-speed moving machinery.
When choosing a reduction gear, it’s important to look for models with multiple teeth. Ideally, it will have more teeth than the corresponding sprocket. This will reduce the noise produced by the gears. The maximum number of teeth of the worm gear should be greater than 40.
Worm gears produce less noise and vibration than conventional gears. Also, they are cheaper and smaller than other types of reduction gears. However, worm gears have some limitations that make them less efficient than other types. For example, they do not perform as efficiently as parallel or orthogonal axes, which are much better at transmitting power.
The main disadvantage of worm gears is the difficulty of lubrication. Worm gear reducer gearboxes require more lubrication due to the helical motion of the gears. This means it is less efficient and more prone to wear than a standard gearbox. Helical motion has problems transmitting power and causes sliding friction, also known as sliding wear.
A worm reducer gearbox is a reduction gearbox used to decelerate a high-speed motor to a low-speed output. Worm gear reducer gearboxes produce lower output speeds while maintaining high torque. Its gears are made of bronze or stainless steel and have a right-angle output. The gears are very small compared to other reducer gearboxes, so they can be used in tight spaces and applications where space is limited.


Worm gear reducer gearboxes are an excellent choice for applications requiring high torque and low speeds. These reducer gearboxes are compact, durable and have a long service life. These gearboxes are also compatible with solid and hollow output shafts. This feature eliminates the need for chains or belts, reducing the number of moving parts. Plus, they’re easy to maintain, which means they’re an excellent choice for a variety of applications.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are also compact, versatile and easy to install. The worm gear itself is made from a single piece of alloy steel. It has a high helix angle and is case hardened and ground for durability. Its six AF hex sockets are designed for easy installation and a wide range of ratios. Worm gear reducer gearboxes are also suitable for manual operation. They are easy to install, compact in design and compatible with a wide range of motors and drives.
Worm reducer gearboxes are often used in industrial settings where a small amount of torque is required to move large objects. They are also useful when space is at a premium. They are compact and easy to install in tight spaces. Worm gears reduce the risk of tripping and are often made of durable materials, making them a popular choice.
Compared with planetary gearboxes, worm gear reducer gearboxes have many advantages. They are quiet, produce less noise, and are more comfortable to use. They are also more energy efficient than their planetary counterparts. Furthermore, they can be combined with other gearboxes and trains to increase their output efficiency.
worm reducer

It is high efficiency

When a worm reducer gearbox is used in a gear-motor, it is critical to note that it is extremely high in efficiency. This type of reducer gearbox is typically much hotter than a hypoid reducer gearbox, which reduces the service life of the gear. The increased thermal stress on the sliding gears results in premature seal wear and leakage. Furthermore, excessive heat causes lubrication to break down and can cause contamination. Helical gear reducer gearboxes are significantly cooler and have a low-maintenance design. Consequently, they can reduce factory downtime and energy costs.
A servo-worm reducer gearbox is an excellent choice for applications requiring high performance, repeatability, and precision positioning. These gear reducer gearboxes have been specifically designed for use with servo motor technology, which provides tight integration of the gear motor. Other advantages of a servo-worm reducer gearbox include reduced angular backlash and longer life.
Hypoid gearmotors offer increased efficiency and allow smaller motors to be used. A 1 HP worm reducer gearbox can produce the same amount of output as a 1/2 HP hypoid reducer gearbox. A Agknx study compared the two types of reducer gearboxes, comparing power, torque, and efficiency. As a result, a 1/2 HP hypoid gearmotor is much cheaper to operate than a 1 HP worm reducer gearbox.
The efficiency of a worm gear reducer gearbox depends on many factors, including the mesh of the gears and losses in the bearings and oil seal lips. The speed and load of the reducer gearbox also have an impact on its efficiency. As a result, worm gear reducer gearboxes should be used with the right type of lubricant.
In a worm gear reducer gearbox, a non-intersecting shaft rotates against a gear, while the output worm gear rotates in a perpendicular direction. This arrangement produces high efficiency while reducing the noise and vibration of the gear motor. This gear reducer gearbox is also quiet and has a low friction coefficient.

It has a low clearance

Worm reducer gearboxes are typically designed with a low clearance, meaning that the worm is not allowed to touch the wheels in the gear arrangement. The lubricant used depends on the size of the gearing, and it is usually ISO 680 or ISO 460. Higher viscosities require special equipment.
Worm gears are popular in machines that need to stop quickly, such as lifts and elevators. The gears and worm are made of a soft material, minimizing backlash and failure rates. They are also popular in heavy-duty machines, such as rock crushers. But while this is an important aspect of their design, there are other factors to consider when choosing a worm gear.
Worm gears have multiple teeth, which allows for greater surface area contact and a better distribution of load. This feature allows for high transmission ratios without sacrificing power. Worm gears can be paired with other gearboxes to increase the overall efficiency of the system.
Worm gears are often used in heavy machinery, including trucks barreling down a deserted highway. They can also be found in packaging machinery, conveyors, and other small machinery. Their unique shape makes them ideal for tight spaces. But they also tend to wear and tear much faster than conventional gears.
worm reducer

It has a high torque to weight ratio

The worm gear reducer gearbox is a versatile gear train that provides a high torque-to-weight ratio. These reducer gearboxes are typically used in applications that require high torque and high gear ratios, such as machine tools. They also have a very compact design, enabling very high gear ratios at low speeds.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are very quiet, mainly because the input and output shafts are perpendicular to each other. Their low noise level is an advantage compared to planetary gearboxes. Compared with planetary reducer gearboxes, worm gear reducer gearboxes are also relatively cheap.
The worm gear consists of two parts: the helical butt-jointed worm gear and the worm. The screw-butted worm gear is connected to the shaft by a helical thread. The worm gear is a variation of the six-simple machine. The worm is located in the worm wheel, which forces the worm to rotate. It also changes the plane of motion. Worm gears are usually made of steel or brass.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are one of the most popular types of reducer gearboxes. It provides high torque and high speed ratio in a compact package. These reducer gearboxes are used in many power transmission systems, including elevators, safety gates, conveyor belts, and medical testing equipment.
Worm reducer gearboxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including parallel shaft reducer gearboxes and planetary worm reducer gearboxes. They have a high torque-to-weight ratio and are easy to maintain. They are also lightweight and relatively easy to install. This makes them an excellent choice for many applications.
Worms can be assembled using stepped shafts, set screws or dowel pins. However, the worm is subject to a lot of thrust and must be held firmly. This could lead to a rebound. Also, the bearings may come loose and the worm may move. To avoid backlash, make sure the worm gear shaft passes through the midpoint of the worm face width.

China 70SW31ZY 24V 12v dc motor 15 watt Worm Gearbox motors for fire equipments Low Speed 5 RPM 12v high torque 20kg.cm dc motor     aluminum worm gearboxChina 70SW31ZY 24V 12v dc motor 15 watt Worm Gearbox motors for fire equipments Low Speed 5 RPM 12v high torque 20kg.cm dc motor     aluminum worm gearbox
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China Small 12V Low Speed Worm Gear Motor 555 DC Gear Motor with gearbox for Vending Machine worm gear reducer buy

Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Variety: GBP36-555
Use: Auto, Residence Appliance, Beauty instrument, Sensible Home, energy tools
Variety: Equipment MOTOR
Torque: 500g.cm
Building: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Shield Characteristic: Completely Enclosed
Pace(RPM): 7-470r/min
Ongoing Current(A): 1.047 A
Efficiency: IE 1
Software: H2o pump, air pump, electric valve, intelligent hardware
Rated Voltage: 12
Energy: Customized
Shaft type: D Shaft
Route of rotation: CW CCW
Characteristic: Higher Effectiveness Minimal Sounds
Motor kind: Permanent BLDC Motor
Perform: Driven
Tailored: acknowledge
Certification: CE,ROHS,IAFT16949
Packaging Information: Micro motor packing: Carton Box Our standard transport mark for each and every model is as underneath Q’ty: pcs N.W.: kgs G.W.: kgs Meas.: L*H*W cm Your possess shipping instruction is welcome.
Port: HangZhou or HongKong

Product Paramenters

Motor Outline Motor Efficiency Curve Comprehensive Pictures Specific steel plate, entirely automatic metal stamping forming, substantial precision, good copper core, exact measurement specifications Rotor: pure copper wire winding, higher-good quality iron core, electrical power saving, sturdy, minimal noise, reduced calorific value, diminished energyloss, decreased recent resistance, great electrical conductivity BearingsOil-impregnated bearings, ball bearings, red copper base, Assured Quality Special China Equipment Reductor Worm Reduction Gearboxes pure copper foundation and other diversified bearings, configuredaccording to buyer wants Application Motors are extensively employed in healthcare, industrial, elegance, maternal and kid CZPT care, sensible residence, automobile, drone, business office, model aircraft, toy designs, electricity tools, physical fitness products, robots, banking, conversation gear and other fields We are a micro-motor manufacturer with an independent R&D team, creating at the very least 1 new type of motor a thirty day period, which can be custom-made in accordance to consumer wants Our Manufacturing facility The manufacturing unit area is more than 10,000 sq. meters, with much more than forty automatic generation strains, a lot more than three hundred automated equipment, in excess of five hundred workers, and a daily output of above 200, Gsl2000k Planetary Equipment Reducer Concrete Mixers Gearbox Concrete Mixer Spare Areas 000 motors. Higher top quality assurance, high degree of automation, to meet up with your big-scale orders Why Select Us Why pick usone. Manufacturing unit direct production and sales, built-in service2. Robust investigation and growth capabilities, with its personal production and study and improvement team3. Robust manufacturing ability, the daily output of motors exceeds 200,000 units.4. Substantial good quality assurance, resilient, modern and beautiful.5. Skilled providers to provide you with satisfactory answers.6. Perfect support technique, reply your inquiry in 24 several hours.7. Well timed shipping and ninety five% shipping accuracy.8. Can be personalized according to client needs.9. Offer OEM and ODM solutions. Packing&Delivery FAQ 1. Can you give me a value listing?A: All our motors are tailored in accordance to diverse specifications of daily life, noise, voltage, shaft, etc. Rates also vary primarily based on once-a-year quantities. So it is challenging for us to offer a price tag record. If you can share your comprehensive needs and annual portions, we’ll see what we can offer.two. If I have a item that I want to make with other special components, can you make it? A: Of training course, you only want to offer us with design and style drawings or samples. We have an unbiased R&D department, which can personalize the design and style in accordance to client wants to meet your personalized needs. We have a skilled design and style staff that can layout goods according to your requirements. .We can create new items according to your samples or drawings, and we will give you the most satisfactory response. 3. Do you provide OEM or ODM service? Can you generate in accordance to our drawings? Yes. We offer OEM and ODM providers, and a complete right after-income provider technique to make certain that your inquiry will be restored within 24 several hours, making certain worry-free of charge soon after-incomefour. Q: Which shipping approach can be utilised? A: DHL, European Standard Transmission Sprocket & Chain Wheel For 12B-1 UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, China Put up, and delivery are all offered. Other shipping and delivery strategies are also obtainable, if you require to ship by other shipping methods, please contact us in advance.five. Are you a maker or a investing business?A: We are a expert manufacturer with far more than 11 many years of encounter, specializing in the creation of brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors, hollow cup motors, geared motors, hub motors, pumps and other goods, the diameter range of brushed motors is ten-60mm , the voltage range is .6V-48V, the diameter of the brushless motor is 16-120mm, and the voltage is 3.5-310V. 6. Q: How to pay out?A: We accept T/T, PayPal payment and other payment methods, you should get in touch with us just before spending with other payment approaches. A thirty-fifty% deposit is presented, and the stability is paid ahead of shipment.7. Q: How prolonged does it just take to produce samples?A: For typical models, our manufacturing time for samples is 3-5 times, and the time for building new types is about twenty five times. Our impartial R&D group has absolute advantages in building new types.8.Q: How long is the regular delivery time?A: The common supply time is 15-25 days. The specific shipping and delivery time will vary according to the number of consumer orders and the time. If your purchase is urgent, ESUM 25H chain sprocket 55T for mini scooter Pocket Bike dirt Pit Bike 2 stroke engine 49cc we are ready to operate additional time for free of charge.

Worm gear reducer gearbox

Cheaper than planetary gearboxes In many cases, worm gear reducer gearboxes are a popular alternative to planetary gearboxes. A worm gear reducer gearbox is a mechanical device with vertical input and output shafts. This allows for very high reduction ratios. They are typically used in high-reduction situations such as machine tools.
Worm gears are cheaper than traditional gearboxes. They also have many benefits, including noise reduction. The output shaft of the worm gear reducer gearbox is almost 90 degrees from the motor input shaft, making it ideal for high-torque applications.
The worm gear reducer gearbox adopts an aluminum body, which is light in weight and high in operation efficiency. Additionally, they are available with hollow shafts and mounting flanges. In terms of initial cost, worm gear reducer gearboxes are cheaper than planetary gearboxes. In addition, they have better efficiency and longer service life.
Worm drives are also ideal for portable battery-powered lifting equipment. The high gear ratio of the worm gear ensures that it does not reverse drive. The worm gear has a spring-applied brake that holds the motor in place.
Planetary gearboxes are popular among industrial users. The efficiency of planetary gearboxes is important for practical applications.
worm reducer


The compact worm gear unit consists of a housing with an inner cavity. It has two side walls, one on either side of the front cover (13) and one on both sides of the rear cover (14). The front end cap is screwed onto the housing and the inner cavity is accessed through the rear end cap.
The compact worm gear unit can be configured to suit your application. They have many advantages, including saving space and increasing torque. The range includes single-envelope and double-envelope versions, available in a number of different power ratings. Additionally, they are IP65-rated, making them ideal for applications involving high radial or axial forces.
The compact worm reducer gearbox is a simple but effective worm drive. Its worm gear 16 meshes with the output shaft and rotates relatively stably. It also has a front-end cap and rear bearing. This enables the compact worm reducer gearbox to reduce vibration without damaging the output shaft.
Compact worm gear reducer gearboxes are ideal for many applications and offer high efficiency. The compact design means you can mount them on the motor’s flange or base. Its durable construction makes it ideal for a variety of industries. They are extremely durable and can handle high-pressure and washdown conditions. They also come standard with a synthetic shaft.

high efficiency

High-efficiency worm gear reducer gearboxes are ideal for applications that require precision, repeatability, and efficient performance. These reducer gearboxes are designed with state-of-the-art servo motor technology to provide tight integration and an angular backlash of less than two arc minutes. The reduction ratio can be lower if the application requires it.
Rising energy costs have led to an increased focus on the efficiency of drives. In response to this, manufacturers have increased the efficiency of worm gear reducer gearboxes through a number of technical improvements. By minimizing losses from rolling and sliding friction, worm gear reducer gearboxes are more efficient than their counterparts.
The high-efficiency worm reducer gearbox is simple in design and has the characteristics of a compact structure, high-speed ratio, low power consumption, and self-locking. Other advantages of these reducer gearboxes include low noise and long service life. Many also have built-in control systems that allow manual and remote adjustments. They also feature automatic shutdown protection and thermal protection.
High-efficiency worm reducer gearboxes can be used for mechanical acceleration. The input hypoid gear is usually made of steel, while the output hypoid gear is usually made of bronze. Bronze is a soft metal that is good at absorbing shock loads. However, bronze requires work hardening to achieve optimum hardness. For large worm gears, this process can take 300 to 550 hours.
worm reducer

low clearance

A low-clearance worm reducer gearbox is a device used to adjust the speed of a rotating shaft. It uses a worm gear consisting of two members. One worm is at one end of the shaft and the other is at the other end. Both worms are screwed into the synchronous drive structure.
Low clearance worm gear reducer gearboxes can be produced on conventional worm gear production lines without overlapping investments. These units are usually made of soft rubber. Also, they are relatively quiet in operation. These machines are designed so that they are suitable for use in elevators. The softer material in the worm gear also helps absorb shock loads.
The tooth profile of the worm gear is designed to change with the axial movement of the worm. Worms have thinner right teeth and thicker left teeth. As the worm moves to the right, its teeth mesh with the worm gear, reducing backlash.
There are many different types of worm gears. The design of gears depends on many factors, including backlash, thermal design, friction factors and lubrication. Worm gears are made of several different materials. Some different types of materials used in worm gears require special lubrication.


The quieter worm reducer gearbox is designed to reduce the noise level of the rotating gear motor. The device has more gear teeth in meshing contact with the gears, which helps it run more quietly. In addition to being quieter than other transmissions, it’s also less expensive than its counterparts.
Worm gearboxes can be used for different applications, but they are not as efficient as helical gearboxes. Worm reducer gearboxes are cheaper but less than 90% efficient. Higher gear ratios reduce efficiency, so worm gear reducer gearboxes are better suited for applications that require low-speed torque. The cost of buying a worm gearbox will depend on the horsepower and gear ratios required.
Worm reducer gearboxes are also more comfortable to use than planetary gearboxes. They don’t vibrate and heat up quickly, making them an excellent choice for low to medium horsepower applications. Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be upgraded to improve their performance by combining with other gear trains or gearboxes.
worm reducer

easy to replace

An easily replaceable worm gear reducer gearbox can save you a lot of money. A worm gear reducer gearbox is part of a chain drive and allows you to change gear ratios quickly and easily. Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be easily replaced in a number of ways. It’s a good idea to read the manufacturer’s manual before replacing a worm gear reducer gearbox. Make sure you have the instructions available so you can refer to them in the future.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes offer many advantages, including long service life and low noise. They are also designed with a 90-degree output shaft for easy installation. Another advantage of these gear reducer gearboxes is that they can be used with both solid and hollow output shafts. This means less maintenance and downtime.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are widely used. Most gear manufacturers have large inventories. Worm gears also have uniform mounting dimensions. Dimensional consistency means you don’t have to worry about matching the shaft length and diameter to the worm gear. You can easily find a replacement worm gear reducer gearbox for your equipment.
When replacing the worm gear reducer gearbox, check the lubricating oil recommended by the machine. If not included, use original gear oil. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

China Small 12V Low Speed Worm Gear Motor 555 DC Gear Motor with gearbox for Vending Machine     worm gear reducer buyChina Small 12V Low Speed Worm Gear Motor 555 DC Gear Motor with gearbox for Vending Machine     worm gear reducer buy
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China DC 6V 12V 24V Worm Gear Motor With Metal Gearbox 11PPR Encoder For Arduino DIY worm gearbox calculation

Warranty: 1Years
Design Number: JGY-370
Utilization: intelligent auto
Sort: Gear MOTOR
Torque: max 25kg.cm
Building: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Defend Function: Totally Enclosed
Speed(RPM): 6-150RPM
Ongoing Recent(A): .07A
Effectiveness: IE one
Certification: ce, RoHS
Packaging Information: B3B Corrugated cartonsQty’:168PCSN.W.:26KGG.W.:25KGMEAS.:41*31*31.5cm

Solution Depth Basic requirements: * Voltage:6V-12v-24V * No-load velocity:6-150RPM * No-load present:.07A * Stall Torque:25kg.cm(2.5N.m) * Stall recent:1.8A * with 11PPR encoder suggestions ,cw&ccwEncoder Wire Purpose:*Purple wire:Power+ for motor,exchange Electrical power+-,reversing rotation of motors,*White wire:Energy- for motor,*Blue wire:energy+ for encoder(5v),*Black wire:Power- for encoder,*Yellow wire:pulse suggestions, As a centered company, we are engaged in providing a substantial high quality assortment of Horizontal Pace Variator Gearbox. PPR=eleven(A),*Inexperienced wire:pulse feedback,PPR=11(B)

The A and B outputs are sq. waves from V to Vcc around 90° out of section. The frequency of the transitions tells you the pace of the motor, and the buy of the transitions tells you the path
Datasheet of gear motor: Proportions &Photos: The product application Certifications Organization Introduction Packing & Delivery *Shockproof foam packing*Suited carton size*stretch film and pallet packing*DHL,EMS,UPS,Epacket, HZ Reliable Carbide HRC65 2 Flute Ball Nose Cutter Bit cnc metallic milling tools spherical milling cutter CZPT delivery*Sample order ship out in 2 times. Our Companies & Power *General Support:*Fast Reply:All enquiry or email be replied in 12 several hours, no hold off for your organization.*Skilled Group:Queries about merchandise will be replied professionally, specifically, very best advice to you.*Brief Guide time:Sample or modest purchase about 3 times, bulk or custom-made purchase about 7 times.*Payment Choice:T/T, Western Union,, L/C, and so forth, WPWDKT compact worm gearbox spiral bevel helical gear box electrical power transmission digital variator chinese reducer straightforward for your enterprise.*Before shipment:Take photographs, deliver to clients for affirmation. Only confirmed, can be delivered out.*Language Decision:Aside from English, you can use your possess language by email, then we can translate it.*Customization Support: Motor specification(no-load speed , voltage, torque , diameter, sound, life, 63mm micro reduction gearbox 48v 30w dc motor electric motor with reduction equipment for door-lock robot and toys tests) and shaft size can be tailor- manufactured according to customer’s demands.

Worm gear reducer gearbox

A worm gear reducer gearbox is a gear reducer gearbox that uses a worm gear train to reduce the required force. Unlike traditional gear reducer gearboxes, these units are small and require low horsepower ratings. This reduces their efficiency, but their low cost and compact design help make up for this shortcoming. However, these gear reducer gearboxes have some drawbacks, including their tendency to lock up when reversing.
worm reducer

high efficiency

High-efficiency worm reducer gearboxes are ideal for applications where high performance, repeatability, and accuracy are critical. It consists of an input hypoid gear and an output hypoid bevel gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm, so for every revolution of the input worm, the output gear makes one revolution. This arrangement reduces friction (another source of energy loss) in a high-efficiency worm gear to at least two arc minutes.
Compared with worm gear reducer gearboxes, hypoid gearmotors offer several advantages, including lower operating costs and higher efficiency. For example, hypoid gear motors can transmit more torque even at high reduction ratios. Also, they are more efficient than worm gear reducer gearboxes, which means they can produce the same output with a smaller motor.
In recent years, the efficiency of worm gear reducer gearboxes has been dramatically improved. Manufacturers have made great strides in materials, design, and manufacturing. New designs, including dual-enveloping worm gear reducer gearboxes, increase efficiency by 3 to 8 percent. These improvements were made possible through countless hours of testing and development. Worm gear reducer gearboxes also offer lower initial costs and higher overload capability than competing systems.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are popular because they provide maximum reduction in a small package. Their compact size makes them ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications and they are reticent. They also offer higher torque output and better shock load tolerance. Finally, they are an economical option to reduce the device’s power requirements.

low noise

Low-noise worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to reduce noise in industrial applications. This type of reducer gearbox uses fewer bearings and can work in various mounting positions. Typically, a worm reducer gearbox is a single-stage unit with only one shaft and one gear. Since there is only one gear, the noise level of the worm gear reducer gearbox will be lower than other types.
A worm gear reducer gearbox can be integrated into the electric power steering system to reduce noise. Worm reducer gearboxes can be made and from many different materials. The following three-stage process will explain the components of a low-noise worm reducer gearbox.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be mounted at a 90-degree angle to the input worm shaft and are available with various types of hollow or solid output shafts. These reducer gearboxes are especially beneficial for applications where noise reduction is essential. They also have fewer parts and are smaller than other types of reducer gearboxes, making them easier to install.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available from various manufacturers. Due to their widespread availability, gear manufacturers maintain extensive inventories of these reducer gearboxes. The worm gear ratio is standard, and the size of the worm gear reducer gearbox is universal. Also, worm gear reducer gearboxes do not need to be sized for a specific purpose, unlike other load interruptions.
worm reducer


A worm gear reducer gearbox is a transmission mechanism with a compact structure, large transmission ratio, and self-locking function under certain conditions. The worm gear reducer gearbox series products are designed with American technology and have the characteristics of stable transmission, strong bearing capacity, low noise, and compact structure. In addition, these products can provide a wide range of power supplies. However, these worm reducer gearboxes are prone to leaks, usually caused by design flaws.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in single-stage and double-stage. The first type consists of an oil tank that houses the worm gear and bearings. The second type uses a worm gear with a sleeve for the first worm gear.
When choosing a gear reducer gearbox, it is essential to choose a high-quality unit. Improper gear selection can cause rapid wear of the worm gear. While worm gear reducer gearboxes are generally durable, their degree of wear depends on the selection and operating conditions. For example, overuse, improper assembly, or working in extreme conditions can lead to rapid wear.
Worm reducer gearboxes reduce speed and torque. Worm gears can be used to reduce the speed of rotating machines or inertial systems. Worm gears are a type of bevel gear, and their meshing surfaces have great sliding force. Because of this, worm gears can carry more weight than spur gears. They are also harder to manufacture. However, the high-quality design of the worm gear makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring high torque and high-speed rotation.
Worm gears can be manufactured using three types of gears. For large reduction ratios, the input and output gears are irreversible. However, the worm reducer gearbox can be constructed with multiple helices. The multi-start worm drive also minimizes braking effects.

Self-locking function

The worm reducer gearbox is self-locking to prevent the load from being driven back to the ground. The self-locking function is achieved by a worm that meshes with the rack and pinion. When the load reaches the highest position, the reverse signal is disabled. The non-locking subsystem back-drives the load to its original position, while the self-locking subsystem remains in its uppermost position.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer gearbox is a valuable mechanical feature. It helps prevent backing and saves the cost of the braking system. Additionally, self-locking worm gears can be used to lift and hold loads.
The self-locking worm gear reducer gearbox prevents the drive shaft from driving backward. It works with the axial force of the worm gear. A worm reducer gearbox with a self-locking function is a very efficient machine tool.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be made with two or four teeth. Single-ended worms have a single-tooth design, while double-ended worms have two threads on the cylindrical gear. A multi-boot worm can have up to four boots. Worm reducer gearboxes can use a variety of gear ratios, but the main advantage is their compact design. It has a larger load capacity than a cross-shaft helical gear mechanism.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer gearbox can also be used for gear sets that are not necessarily parallel to the shaft. It also prevents backward travel and allows forward travel. The self-locking function is achieved by a ratchet cam arranged around the gear member. It also enables selective coupling and decoupling between gear members.
worm reducer

high gear ratio

Worm reducer gearboxes are an easy and inexpensive way to increase gear ratios. These units consist of two worm gears – an input worm gear and an output worm gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm gear, which also rotates perpendicular to itself. For example, a 5:1 worm gearbox requires 5 revolutions per worm gear, while a 60:1 worm gearbox requires 60 revolutions. However, this arrangement is prone to inefficiency since the worm gear experiences only sliding friction, not rolling friction.
High-reduction applications require many input revolutions to rotate the output gear. Conversely, low input speed applications suffer from the same friction issues, albeit with a different amount of friction. Worms that spin at low speeds require more energy to maintain their movement. Worm reducer gearboxes can be used in many types of systems, but only some are suitable for high-speed applications.
Worm gears are challenging to produce, but the envelope design is the best choice for applications requiring high precision, high efficiency, and minimal backlash. Envelope design involves modifying gear teeth and worm threads to improve surface contact. However, this type of worm gear is more expensive to manufacture.
Worm gear motors have lower initial meshing ratios than hypoid gear motors, which allows the use of smaller motors. So a 1 hp worm motor can achieve the same output as a 1/2 hp motor. A study by Agknx compared two different types of geared motors, comparing their power, torque, and gear ratio. The results show that the 1/2 HP hypoid gear motor is more efficient than the worm gear motor despite the same output.
Another advantage of the worm gear reducer gearbox is the low initial cost and high efficiency. It offers high ratios and high torque in a small package, making it ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications. Worm gear reducer gearboxes are also more shock-resistant.
China DC 6V 12V 24V Worm Gear Motor With Metal Gearbox 11PPR Encoder For Arduino DIY     worm gearbox calculationChina DC 6V 12V 24V Worm Gear Motor With Metal Gearbox 11PPR Encoder For Arduino DIY     worm gearbox calculation
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China wholesaler 37Mm Worm 24V Dc Motor High Torque Low Speed 12V Dc Gearbox Motor agnee worm gearbox

Warranty: 3months-1year
Product Variety: KS-37R545
Utilization: BOAT, Vehicle, Electric powered Bicycle, Admirer, Home Equipment, Intelligent items
Type: Equipment MOTOR
Torque: .5~20kg.cm
Building: Everlasting Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Safeguard Attribute: Entirely Enclosed
Speed(RPM): ten~900RPM
Ongoing Current(A): .8 A~2. A
Effectiveness: Ie 3
Solution Title: High Torque Reduced Pace 12V Dc Gearbox Motor
Voltage: 6V 7.2V 9V 12V
Fat: .25 kg
Power: 20W Max (Can customized)
Gear Content: Pom Metallic Gear Selection
Brush Type: Carbon Brushed
Shaft Diameter: 6mm (Can Customized)
Common Programs: Smart items, Toy, Elegance Apparatus
Certification: ce
Packaging Specifics: 60 pcs/ cartonWeight 18 kg / carton

Model QuantityKS-37R545
CertificationsCE, ROHS
Continuous Recent(A)0.8 A~2. A
EfficiencyIE three
Torque0.5~twenty kg.cm
Voltage6V 7.2V 9V 12V 24V
Rated Pace10~900 rpm
Power20W Max (Can customized)
Specification Connected Products Organization Profile HangZhoug Kstone Motor is a expert micro gear box maker. The equipment box included spur gear box, Planetary gear box, worm gears, Wheelchair motor. Kstone Motor has often been an superb DC Equipment Motors manufacturer.The motors are commonly used for Automotive, Property appliances, Individual treatment, Powertools, Industry, and Smart products which provide healthy and convenient methods in life. Kstone Motor has a big quantity of creation tools, test tools, gear processing equipment imported from Japan and Switzerland. Consumer Responses Packing & Supply 1. 60PCS/Carton 2 Gross weight : 18 KG/Carton FAQ Q: Are you buying and selling company or manufacturer?A: We are manufacturing facility.Q: How to purchase?A: deliver us inquiry → obtain our quotation → negotiate details → confirm the sample → indicator agreement/deposit → mass creation → cargo prepared → stability/delivery → more cooperationQ: How about Sample buy?A: Sample is available for you. you should speak to us for particulars.Q: Which transport way is offered?A: DHL, FedEx, By Sea are accessible. The other delivery ways are also obtainable, remember to get in touch with us if you require ship by the other shipping way. Q: How lengthy is the produce, generating and delivery?A: Supply time relies upon on the quantity you get. typically it takes fifteen-25 operating days.Q: How to affirm the payment?A: We take payment by T/T, PayPal, the other payment ways also could be recognized, Please contact us before you spend by the other payment methods. Also fifty% deposit is available, the equilibrium cash should be paid ahead of shipping and delivery.Q: What is your terms of payment?A: Payment=20000USD, fifty% T/T in progress ,stability just before shipment.If you have one more concern, you should come to feel free of charge to contact us.

Worm Reducer

Worm reducers are commonly used to reduce the Agknx produced by a rotating shaft. They can achieve reduction ratios of five to sixty. In contrast, a single-stage hypoid gear can achieve up to a 120:1 reduction ratio. For further reduction, another type of gearing is used. So, a single stage worm reducer cannot achieve higher ratios than these.<brworm_reducer


A worm reducer is an auxiliary mechanical device that uses worms to reduce the size of a rotating shaft. These worms have a range of tooth forms. One form is a line weave twist surface. Another is a trapezoid based on a central cross section. The trapezoid can be perpendicular to the tooth cross section, or it can be normal to the root cross section. Other forms include involute helicoids and convolute worms, which use a straight line intersecting the involute generating line.
Worm gears are lubricated with a special lubricant. Because worm gears are complex, it’s important to use the correct lubricant. Worm gear manufacturers provide approved lubricants for their gears. Using unapproved gear oil can damage your reducer’s efficiency. The right lubricant depends on several factors, including load, speed, duty cycle, and expected operating temperatures.
The efficiency of a worm gear reducer depends on several factors, including losses at gear mesh, losses in the bearings, and windage in the oil seal lip. In addition, the worm gear reducer’s efficiency varies with ambient temperature and operating temperature. The worm gear reducer’s efficiency can also vary with the ratio of the load. Moreover, worm gear reducers are subject to break-in.
Worm gear reducers are used in many different applications. They are typically used in small electric motors, but they’re also used in conveyor systems, presses, elevators, and mining applications. Worm gears are also commonly found in stringed musical instruments.
Worm gears have excellent reduction ratios and high Agknx multiplication, and they’re often used as speed reducers in low to medium-speed applications. However, the efficiency of worm gear reducers decreases with increasing ratios.


Worm reducers come in different sizes and tooth shapes. While the tooth shape of one worm is similar to the other, different worms are designed to carry a different amount of load. For example, a circular arc worm may have a different tooth shape than one with a secondary curve. Worm gears can also be adjusted for backlash. The backlash is the difference between the advancing and receding arc.
There are two sizes of worm reducers available from Agknx Transmission. The SW-1 and SW-5 models offer ratios of 3.5:1 to 60:1 and 5:1 to 100:1 respectively. The size of the worm reducer is determined by the required gear ratio.
Worm gears have different thread counts. One is based on the central cross-section of the worm, and the other is on the right. Worm gears can have either a single or double thread. Single-threaded gears will reduce speed by 50 percent, while double-threaded gears will reduce speed by 25 percent.
Worm gear reducers are lightweight and highly reliable. They can accommodate a variety of NEMA input flanges and hollow output bore sizes. Worm reducers can be found at 6 regional warehouses, with prepaid freight. To make a purchasing decision, you should consider the horsepower and Agknx requirements of your specific application.


The Worm Reducer market is a global business that is dominated by the North American and European regions. The report provides in-depth information on the market trends, key challenges, and opportunities. It also examines the current state of the industry and projects future market growth. The report is organized into segments based on product type, major geographical regions, and application. It also presents statistics and key data about the market.
Worm gear reducers have many applications. They can be used to increase the speed of convey belts. They also help reduce noise. Worm gears have many teeth that touch the gear mesh, which makes them quieter. Moreover, the worm gears require only a single stage reducer, reducing the number of moving parts in the system.
The worm gear has long life and is suitable for different industries. It is a perfect choice for elevators and other applications that need fast stopping and braking. Its compact size and ability to hold a load make it suitable for these applications. It also prevents the load from free-falling as a result of a sudden braking. Worm gears can also be used in heavy-duty machinery such as rock crushers.
Worm gears are similar to ordinary gears except that they transfer motion at a 90-degree angle. As a result, the worm gears are extremely quiet, making them a suitable option for noise sensitive applications. They are also excellent for low-voltage applications, where the noise is critical.
Worm gears are ideal for applications with space restrictions, because they require fewer gear sets. The worm gears also allow for a smaller gearbox size. Consequently, they are the perfect choice for machines that are space-constrained, such as conveyors and packaging equipment.


The lifespan of a worm gear reducer is comparable to other gear reducers. Worm gears have a long history of innovation and use in various industries, from shipbuilding to automobile manufacturing. Today, these gear reducers are still popular with engineers. However, there are some things to keep in mind before buying one.
In the first place, a worm reducer needs to be affordable. Generally, a worm reducer costs about $120. The price varies with the brand name and features. Some products are more expensive than others, so be sure to shop around for the best price. In addition, it is important to consider the quality and design of the worm reducer before making a purchase.
Worm gear manufacturers have made significant advancements in materials, design and manufacturing. These advancements, along with the use of advanced lubricants, have resulted in significant increases in efficiency. For example, double enveloping worm gear reducers have improved efficiency by three to eight percentage points. This improvement was achieved through rigorous testing of manufacturing processes and materials. With these improvements, worm gear reducers have become more desirable in today’s market.
Worm reducers are extremely versatile and reliable, and are available in a variety of sizes. Domestic manufacturers usually stock a large selection of reducers, and are often able to ship them the same day you place your order. Most major domestic worm gear reducer manufacturers also share some critical mounting dimensions, such as the output shaft diameter, the mounting hole location, and the overall reducer housing height. Most manufacturers also offer standardized gear ratios. Some manufacturers have also improved gear design and added synthetic lubricants for better performance.
In addition, different tooth shapes of worms can increase their load carrying capacity. They can be used on secondary curves and circular arc cross sections. Moreover, the pitch point defines the boundary of the cross section. The mesh on the receding arc is smoother than that of the advancing arc. However, in the case of negative shifting, most of the mesh is on the receding arc.

Self-locking function

A worm reducer has a self-locking function. When a worm is fitted with all of its addendum teeth, the total number of teeth in the system should be greater than 40. This self-locking function is achieved through the worm’s rack and pinion mechanism. The worm’s self-locking feature can prevent the load from being dropped and is useful for many applications.
The self-locking function of a worm reducer is possible for two main reasons. First of all, a worm reducer uses two or more gears. One gear is placed at the input, and the other gear runs the output shaft. This mechanism produces a torque, which is transmitted to a spur gear.
Worm reducers can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Because of their self-locking function, they are useful for preventing back-driving. They are also helpful for lifting and holding loads. Their self-locking mechanism allows for a large gear reduction ratio without increasing the size of a gear box.
Self-locking gears can be used to prevent back-driving and inertial driving. This is useful for many industries and can prevent backdriving. However, one major disadvantage of self-locking gears is their sensitivity to operating conditions. Lubrication, vibration, and misalignment can affect their reliability.
Embodiments of the invention provide a self-locking mechanism that prevents back-driving but allows forward-driving. The self-locking mechanism may comprise first and second ratchet cams disposed about a gear member. A releasable coupling member may be interposed between the gear member and the ratchet cam. This facilitates selective coupling and decoupling.
The worm reducer has several advantages. Its compact design is ideal for many mechanical transmission systems. It also provides greater load capacity than a cross-axis helical gear mechanism.

China wholesaler 37Mm Worm 24V Dc Motor High Torque Low Speed 12V Dc Gearbox Motor     agnee worm gearboxChina wholesaler 37Mm Worm 24V Dc Motor High Torque Low Speed 12V Dc Gearbox Motor     agnee worm gearbox
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in Odesa Ukraine sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier 80rpm DC Gear Motor 12V with Gearbox manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Odesa Ukraine  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 80rpm DC Gear Motor 12V with Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Good quality and credit rating are the bases that make a company alive. Support & High quality controlWe provide thorough drawings and supply each time needed. The solution properly displays environmental safety and vitality preserving. Item Description
80rpm dc EPTT motor 12v with EPTT Specifications:

Note : It is just the common technical knowledge for you reference, The specification this kind of as voltage, speed, torque, shaft can EPT.

A lot more Details:

Rated Voltage: 3V/6V/9V/12V/18V/24V

No Load Speed: ten-1000RPM

Load Torque: .1-10kgf.cm

Reduction Ratio: one:6-one:2430

Output EPTT: .one-3W

EPTT Diameter: 33mm

EPTT Diameter: 37mm

EPTT Duration: 22.7mm

EPTT Size: 22-30mm

Shaft Variety: D-minimize, spherical or keyway

Related EPTT

Business Profile
HangEPTT EPTT EPTT Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of different of motors with above ten several years experience.
Our product ranges incEPTT:
1) DC Brush motor: six-130mm diameter, .01-1000W output EPTT
2) DC Spur Gear EPTT: twelve-110mm diameter, .1-300W output EPTT
3) DC Planeary Equipment EPTT: ten-82mm diameter, .1-100W output EPTT
four) Brushless DC EPTT: 28-110mm, 5-1500W output EPTT
5) Stepper EPTT: NEMA 08 to NEMA 43, Can with EPTT and direct screw
six) Servo EPTT: 42mm to 130mm diameter, 50-4000w
7) AC Gear EPTT: forty nine to 100mm diameter, 6-one hundred forty output EPTT

Creation EPTT


Customer Go to and Fair


Q: What is your primary products?
A:We presently generate Brushed Dc EPTTs, Brushed Dc EPTT EPTTs, Planetary Dc Gear EPTTs, Brushless Dc EPTTs, Stepper motors and Ac EPTTs and many others. You can check out the requirements for earlier mentioned motors on our website and you can e-mail us to advocate essential motors for each your specification too.

Q:How to choose a suited motor?
A:If you have motor photographs or drawings to present us, or you have in depth specs like voltage, pace, torque, motor size, functioning manner of the motor, essential life time and noise amount and so on, please do not be reluctant to allow us know, then we can advise suited motor for every your ask for appropriately.

Q: Do you have EPT services for your stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd motors?
A:Yes, we can customise for each your request for the voltage, pace, torque and shaft size/condition. If you need additional wires/cables soldered on the terminal or need to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it also.

Q:Do you have personal layout service for motors?
A:Of course, we would like to design motors individually for our customers, but it might need some mould charge and design and style charge.

Q:Can I have samples for screening initial?
A:Yes, definitely you can. After verified the necessary motor specs, we will estimate and provide a proforma bill for samples, as soon as we get the payment, we will get a Move from our account department to continue samples accordingly.

Q:How do you make confident motor quality?
A:We have our personal inspection methods: for incoming components, we have signed sample and drawing to make certain competent incoming supplies for generation approach, we have tour inspection in the approach and ultimate inspection to make certain competent items just before shipping and delivery.

Q:What’s your direct time?
A:EPTTly sEPTTing, our regular stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd solution will want 25-30days, a little bit EPTTer for EPT goods. But we are very fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble on the direct time, it will relies upon on the specific orders

Q:What is your payment term?
A:For all our new customers, we will require forty% deposite, sixty% compensated just before cargo.

Q:When will you reply after received my inquiries?
A:We will response inside of 24 several hours when get your inquires.

Q:How can I EPTT you to make certain my funds is risk-free?
A:We are certified by the third social gathering SGS and we have exported to in excess of 85 international locations up to June.2017. You can check out our track record with our recent buyers in your nation (if our buyers do not head), or you can orEPTTvia alibaba to get trade assurance from alibaba to make confident your income is protected.

Q:What is actually the minimum orEPTTquantity?
A:Our least orEPTTquantity is dependent on various motor models, please e-mail us to check out. Also, we generally do not take personalized use motor orders.

Q:What is your transport strategy for motors?
A:For samples and offers much less than 100kg, we usually advise express delivery For weighty packages, we typically suggest air shipping or sea delivery. But it all depends on our customers’ demands.

Q:What certifications do you have?
A:We at the moment have CE and ROSH certifications.

Q:Can you ship me your price tag checklist?
A:Considering that we have hundreds of distinct items, and price may differ for each distinct requirements, we are not ready to supply a price list. But we can estimate inside 24 hrs once obtained your inquirues to make sure you can get the cost in time.

Q:Can I pay a visit to your business?
A:Indeed, welcome to check out our organization, but make sure you let us know at lEPTT two months EPTT to help us make positive no other conferences for the duration of the day you pay a visit to us.

Many thanks!

Make contact with Us

Make contact with Man or woman: Celia Chen

Any electronic mail or trademanager inquires will be replied within 24 several hours.

Regular samples can be provide quite quickly(in ten times)

Custom-made provider for type of motor accoring to your necessity

Skilled Tchnical assist and Following-sale support

Sourcing motor components like EPTTs, encoders, cables, connectors and so on

  in Odesa Ukraine  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 80rpm DC Gear Motor 12V with Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Odesa Ukraine  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 80rpm DC Gear Motor 12V with Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Quetta Pakistan sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier 12V 24V 48V 72V DC BLDC Planetary Gearbox Gear Motors Planetary Motor manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Quetta Pakistan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12V 24V 48V 72V DC BLDC Planetary Gearbox Gear Motors Planetary Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Our item range also handles locking assemblies (clamping elements/locking device), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, universal joint, rod ends and yokes. Fantastic consideration has been paid out on environmental defense and energy saving. It has established secure cooperation with numerous well known universities and institutes in china these kinds of as, Zhejiang University, Jilin College, Complex committee of national chain generate common, Institute of national chain push, Zhejiang application engineering substance institute, Huhan materials protection institute and it cooperated to discovered China First Automobile chain institute with Countrywide chain drive institute. 12V 24V 48V 72V DC BLDC Planetary EPT Gear EPTs Planetary motor

1) Proportions: sixty*60mm
2) EPT: 15W 20W
three) Voltage: 12V 24V 48V 90V 310V
four) Rated pace: 2000rpm, 3000rpm
5) Reduction ratio: three~ 200K

Merchandise image:

Specification for DC EPT motor:

EPT kind Brush type / Brushless kind / Stepper kind
Body dimensions 16mm ~ 130mm… can be custom-made
Working speed EPT 1500-4000 rpm, Gear Ratio 1/3 ~ 1/3000
Output EPT 3W ~2200W… can be personalized
Output shaft round shaft, D-reduce shaft, crucial-way shaft, hollow shaft #8230
Voltage variety 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V / 90V / 110V /220V… can be personalized
Equipment Internal EPTr / Exterior EPTr / Connector / Brake / Encoder #8230
EPT kind PXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.lel shaft
RigEPT angle hollow worm shaft RigEPT angle EPTl hollow shaft Flat variety hollow shaft
RigEPT angle strong worm shaft RigEPT angle EPTl strong shaft Flat kind reliable shaft
Planetary cEPTr shaft


Q: Can you make the EPT motor with customization?
A: Sure, we can customise per your ask for, like EPT, voltage, speed, shaft measurement, wires, connectors, IP quality, and so on.

Q: Do you supply samples?
A: Yes. Sample is offered for screening.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: It is 10pcs for the beginning of our business.

Q: What’s your guide time?
A: StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd merchandise need to have five-30days, a little bit EPTer for tailored products.

Q: Do you supply EPT help?
A: Indeed. Our firm have design and style and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment crew, we can supply EPT support if you
need to have.

Q: How to ship to us?
A: It is accessible by air, or by sea, or by teach.

Q: How to pay the money?
A: T/T and L/C is preferred, with diverse currency, incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. USD, EUR, RMB, and so on.

Q: How can I know the solution is ideal for me?
A: gt1ST confirm drawing and specification gt2nd examination sample gt3rd start mass production.

Q: Can I come to your firm to pay a visit to?
A: Sure, you are welcome to pay a visit to us at any time.

Q: How shall we contact you?
A: You can ship inquiry directly, and we will respond within 24 hrs.

  in Quetta Pakistan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12V 24V 48V 72V DC BLDC Planetary Gearbox Gear Motors Planetary Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Quetta Pakistan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12V 24V 48V 72V DC BLDC Planetary Gearbox Gear Motors Planetary Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler