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China 12V 24V Micro DC worm gear motor 75ZY motor for Sliding Gate Door Openautomatic garage door worm gear reducer buy


China 10W 12V24V90V DC Gear Motor With GearBox micro dc gear motor for robot toy Home equipment worm gear backdrive


worm reducer

What is a worm gear reducer gearbox?

The worm gear reducer gearbox is used to change the output speed of the mechanical device. It consists of worm and helical gears mounted on the input side of the equipment. In some cases, this gear reduction system can be multi-stage, enabling extremely low output speeds. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and low vibration.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearbox

Worm gear reducer gearbox is an effective device to reduce the speed of mechanical equipment. The use of hard steel or non-ferrous metals for the worm increases its efficiency. Worms made of hard steel generate more heat than worms made of mild steel. Different thermal expansion results in gaps between mating surfaces. Despite its many benefits, worm gear reducer gearboxes are prone to oil leakage, which can be a problem for a number of reasons.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in different gear ratios and are compatible with many motor types. Some are available in dual-axis and single-axis configurations and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. They are also available in intermediate ratios, as well as four- and five-speed transmission types. They can also be connected with additional output shafts.
Another type of worm gear reducer gearbox is the multi-stage variety. This gear reducer gearbox has multiple stages, enabling it to reduce speed with extremely low output speeds. In addition to the large transmission ratio, the multi-stage gear reducer gearbox has low noise, low vibration and low energy consumption.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes offer space-saving solutions as well as increased torque. Agknx Gearbox offers worm gear reducer gearboxes that solve common deceleration problems. The company has also expanded its product range into the bathroom market. Compared with the standard gearbox, the worm gear reducer gearbox has the characteristics of lower price and better torque output.
Agknx worm gear

The Agknx type worm gear reducer gearbox has multi-tooth line contact and is widely used in heavy machinery. These gears are characterized by a high load-carrying capacity, but they are highly sensitive to misalignment and manufacturing errors. However, by employing point contact, these gears can be made more reliable and can withstand higher loads.
Another major advantage of the Agknx worm gear is its high load capacity. The tooth profile design of the gears has a high relative slip ratio, which improves efficiency and load capacity. In addition, the large angle between the sliding direction and the contact line provides a low coefficient of friction. The Agknx worm gear also features premium carburized steel and phosphor bronze castings for exceptional durability. In addition, the tooth profile is very precise, the operation is quiet, and the speed fluctuation is small.
Agknx worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to operate for up to ten hours per day with an even load. The design of this worm gear reducer gearbox stems from Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ extensive experience in gear reducer gearboxes. The smooth surface texture and precise tooth profile of the gears ensure that the gears can withstand high loads without damaging the lubricant film. In addition, Agknx worm shafts are specially designed to have the right stiffness.
Agknx worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to maximize load capacity while minimizing energy consumption. Its fully meshed teeth reduce surface pressure on the worm gear teeth and increase load capacity.
worm reducerDouble throat worm gear

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dual-throat worm gear. First, the diameter of the root circle must match the circle pitch of the larger gear. This measurement is usually done by measuring the distance between adjacent teeth. Alternatively, the worm’s normal module can be used. It is the value entered in the worm module dialog. In addition, the axial pitch of the worm should be equal to the pitch diameter of the circular pitch.
Double-throat worm gears are an excellent choice for heavy and heavy-duty applications. The design of this worm gear is ideal for heavy-duty applications as it provides a tighter connection between the worm and the gear. It is also more compact than other types of gear and is comparable to a fine-pitch lead screw.
The efficiency of a double-throat worm gear depends on the material of the gear and worm. Typically, gears are made of case-hardened steel, while worm gears are made of bronze or cast iron. In some cases, a combination of cast iron and bronze can be used.
The deflection of the worm shaft is also affected by the tooth parameters. Tooth height, pressure angle, and size factors all affect the deflection of the worm shaft. In addition, the number of worm threads is another important parameter that affects the deflection of the worm shaft.
Double-throat worm gears are commonly used in industrial applications where high drive reduction is required. The worm has a concave and internal tooth structure that can be adjusted to achieve various ratios. Worm gears and worm gear assemblies must be properly mounted on their shafts to prevent back drive.
Brass worm gear

The basic working principle of the brass worm gear reducer gearbox is the same as that of the traditional worm gear reducer gearbox. Its axial pitch must be equal to the circumferential pitch of the larger gear. The single-thread design advances one tooth per revolution, while the double-thread design advances two teeth. The threads on the worm are either left-handed or right-handed. The lead of a worm is the distance a point on the thread of the worm moves in one revolution. The lead angle is the angle tangent to the pitch of the cylinder and the axis of the worm.
Double-thread worm gear reducer gearboxes are best for heavy loads. It provides the tightest connection between the worm and the gear. Assembly of the worm gear requires precise mounting. The keyway installation method involves drilling a square cut in the gear hole. This prevents the worm from rotating on the shaft and helps transmit torque. Then use the set screw to secure the gear to the hub.
The large fuel tank helps keep the worm gear clean and reduces heat. It also provides lubrication for extended life. Worm gear reducer gearboxes with oil reservoirs provide a lubricated environment and low-friction surfaces. Additionally, it offers multi-position installation flexibility. Additionally, its housing is cross-milled for precise alignment. It also features internal baffles for leak-free ventilation.
I260 series worm gear reducer gearboxes are one-piece iron casings with solid or hollow output shafts and tapered roller bearings. This gear reducer gearbox is designed for low to medium-horsepower applications. This gear reducer gearbox is a cost-effective option with low initial cost, the high gear ratio, and high torque in a compact package. Also, it is more shock resistant than other gear reducer gearboxes.
worm reducerBrass worm gear

Brass worm gear reducer gearbox is a reduction gear. This type of gear can provide a lot of reduction in a small package. This type of gear reducer gearbox also has the ability to generate high torque. However, it is important to understand that this gear reducer gearbox has thermal limitations, which reduce its efficiency. The choice of lubricant for this gear reducer gearbox is very flexible. However, being a yellow metal, it is important to remember that the lubricant must be non-reactive.
Worm gears are used in many consumer and industrial applications and have high reduction ratios. These gears are produced in various configurations and sizes. Worm gears are similar to spur gears but have non-parallel shafts. Worm gears are also suitable for applications requiring low output speed but high torque.
Worm gears have some distinct advantages over other gears. First, unlike standard gears, the worm rotates in a worm-like motion. This mechanism prevents reverse movement. This is because the lead angle of the worm gear is small. Additionally, the worms self-lock, helping to prevent reversal. However, this mechanism is not entirely reliable. Worm gears can be found in elevators, fishing reels, sprockets, and automotive power steering.
Another advantage of worm gears is that they are easy to manufacture. The rationale behind this design is to have two mutually perpendicular axes. Then, two or more threads are added to the worm gear. The common tangent between these two shafts intersects the pitch line of the worm gear shaft. This is the basis of transfer speed.

China 10W 12V24V90V DC Gear Motor With GearBox micro dc gear motor for robot toy Home equipment     worm gear backdriveChina 10W 12V24V90V DC Gear Motor With GearBox micro dc gear motor for robot toy Home equipment     worm gear backdrive
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China supplier PG42-775 24V 775 DC Gear Motor Planetary Gear Box with 42 Mm Micro Motor PMDC Brushed Motor Permanent Magnet IE 2 Rohs 1-60kg.cm with Great quality

Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Number: PG42-775
Usage: BOAT, Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance, vending machine
Type: Micro Motor
Torque: 1-60kg.cm
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
Speed(RPM): 8300Rpm
Continuous Current(A): 0.08A
Efficiency: IE 2
Certification: RoHS
Product Name: Mini DC Motor
Keywords: Dc Electric Motor
Motor type: PMDC Brushed Motor
Rated Voltage: 24V DC
Speed ration: 91
speed: 90Rpm
factory property: professional manufacturer
warranty period: 1 year
Packaging Details: bubble+ carton

PG42-775 24V Planetary DC Gear Motor Planetary Gear Motor Description1.Standard Operating Conditions:1-1 Rated Voltage:24VDC constant between motor terminals1-2 Direction of Rotation: CW when viewed from output shaft side1-3 Operating Temperature and HumidityTemperature range of -10℃~+50℃, Humidity range of 30%~80% temperature range of -10℃~+50℃1-4 Storage TemperatureTemperature range of -20℃~+60℃2.Measuring Conditions:2-1 Motor Position:To be place t horizontally when measuring2-2 Power Supply: Regulated DC power supply2-3 Environmental Temperature and Humidity: Temperature range of 15℃ to 30℃ Relative humidity 30%and 80%2-4Power Supply: Regulated DC power supply –No load speed: 90rpm 2-5 Application:–Robotics, Small Appliance, Fanner, Electric Curtain; –Medical Pump, Surgery Tools, Medical Stirrer, Laifual LFS harmonic drive gearbox centrifugal Machine; Electric Valve, Actuator, medical device2-6 Character:–Electric motor,low noise,low current and no spark. –High quantity ,small body

Planetary Gear Motor parameters:

Stock Information :
Working volt range:12-24V.
Rated volt:24V
No-loading Rotation speed:90Rpm
Speed Ratio:91

775 DC Motor
Advantages:1. Company Advantage:A. Our company is a large-scale professional manufacturer deeply trusted by domestic and overseas customers, integrating development, production, wholesales and service.B. To ensure high-quality and best service ,kingly built up professional teams engaged in research,product engineering and sales.C. We have 10 years experience in the design of the research and development, With strong technology developing ability and manufacturing capability, Replacement sliding door pulley nylon wheels with bearings dr-30 dr-22 287839 small window drawer slide rollers and wheels advanced equipment2. Product Advantage: A. Variety of products,quality guaranteed, products are widely usedB. Advanced product testing equipmentC. Product flexibility, customize according to the requirements of the clients any specialdevelop all kinds of molds, Independent research and development since the open mold productsD. Products through a variety of certification(CE,RoHs,ISO,CCC,UL….)E. Some products have patent certificate3. Main product advantage A . Specifications can be tailoer-made according to customer’s requirements.B. Can provide free samplesC. Product quality is guaranteed, a short period of delivery

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What Is a Gearbox?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a gearbox. Backlash, for example, is a consideration, as it is the angle at which the output shaft can rotate without the input shaft moving. While this isn’t necessary in applications without load reversals, it is important for precision applications involving load reversals. Examples of these applications include automation and robotics. If backlash is a concern, you may want to look at other factors, such as the number of teeth in each gear.

Function of a gearbox

A gearbox is a mechanical unit that consists of a chain or set of gears. The gears are mounted on a shaft and are supported by rolling element bearings. These devices alter the speed or torque of the machine they are used in. Gearboxes can be used for a wide variety of applications. Here are some examples of how gearboxes function. Read on to discover more about the gears that make up a gearbox.
Regardless of the type of transmission, most gearboxes are equipped with a secondary gear and a primary one. While the gear ratios are the same for both the primary and secondary transmission, the gearboxes may differ in size and efficiency. High-performance racing cars typically employ a gearbox with two green and one blue gear. Gearboxes are often mounted in the front or rear of the engine.
The primary function of a gearbox is to transfer torque from one shaft to another. The ratio of the driving gear’s teeth to the receiving member determines how much torque is transmitted. A large gear ratio will cause the main shaft to revolve at a slower speed and have a high torque compared to its counter shaft. Conversely, a low gear ratio will allow the vehicle to turn at a lower speed and produce a lower torque.
A conventional gearbox has input and output gears. The countershaft is connected to a universal shaft. The input and output gears are arranged to match the speed and torque of each other. The gear ratio determines how fast a car can go and how much torque it can generate. Most conventional transmissions use four gear ratios, with one reverse gear. Some have two shafts and three inputs. However, if the gear ratios are high, the engine will experience a loss of torque.
In the study of gearbox performance, a large amount of data has been collected. A highly ambitious segmentation process has yielded nearly 20,000 feature vectors. These results are the most detailed and comprehensive of all the available data. This research has a dual curse – the first is the large volume of data collected for the purpose of characterization, while the second is the high dimensionality. The latter is a complication that arises when the experimental gearbox is not designed to perform well.


The main function of a gearhead is to multiply a moment of force and create a mechanical advantage. However, backlash can cause a variety of issues for the system, including impaired positioning accuracy and lowered overall performance. A zero backlash gearbox can eliminate motion losses caused by backlash and improve overall system performance. Here are some common problems associated with backlash in gearheads and how to fix them. After you understand how to fix gearbox backlash, you’ll be able to design a machine that meets your requirements.
To reduce gearbox backlash, many designers try to decrease the center distance of the gears. This eliminates space for lubrication and promotes excessive tooth mesh, which leads to premature mesh failure. To minimize gearbox backlash, a gear manufacturer may separate the two parts of the gear and adjust the mesh center distance between them. To do this, rotate one gear with respect to the fixed gear, while adjusting the other gear’s effective tooth thickness.
Several manufacturing processes may introduce errors, and reducing tooth thickness will minimize this error. Gears with bevel teeth are a prime example of this. This type of gear features a small number of teeth in comparison to its mating gear. In addition to reducing tooth thickness, bevel gears also reduce backlash. While bevel gears have fewer teeth than their mating gear, all of their backlash allowance is applied to the larger gear.
A gear’s backlash can affect the efficiency of a gearbox. In an ideal gear, the backlash is zero. But if there is too much, backlash can cause damage to the gears and cause it to malfunction. Therefore, the goal of gearbox backlash is to minimize this problem. However, this may require the use of a micrometer. To determine how much gearbox backlash you need, you can use a dial gauge or feeler gauge.
If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce backlash, a gearbox’s backlash may be the answer. However, backlash is not a revolt against the manufacturer. It is an error in motion that occurs naturally in gear systems that change direction. If it is left unaccounted for, it can lead to major gear degradation and even compromise the entire system. In this article, we’ll explain how backlash affects gears and how it affects the performance of a gearbox.


The design of gearboxes consists of a variety of factors, including the type of material used, power requirements, speed and reduction ratio, and the application for which the unit is intended. The process of designing a gearbox usually begins with a description of the machine or gearbox and its intended use. Other key parameters to consider during gearbox design include the size and weight of the gear, its overall gear ratio and number of reductions, as well as the lubrication methods used.
During the design process, the customer and supplier will participate in various design reviews. These include concept or initial design review, manufacturing design validation, critical design review, and final design review. The customer may also initiate the process by initiating a DFMEA. After receiving the initial design approval, the design will go through several iterations before the finalized design is frozen. In some cases, the customer will require a DFMEA of the gearbox.
The speed increaser gearboxes also require special design considerations. These gearboxes typically operate at high speeds, causing problems with gear dynamics. Furthermore, the high speeds of the unit increase frictional and drag forces. A proper design of this component should minimize the effect of these forces. To solve these problems, a gearbox should incorporate a brake system. In some cases, an external force may also increase frictional forces.
Various types of gear arrangements are used in gearboxes. The design of the teeth of the gears plays a significant role in defining the type of gear arrangement in the gearbox. Spur gear is an example of a gear arrangement, which has teeth that run parallel to the axis of rotation. These gears offer high gear ratios and are often used in multiple stages. So, it is possible to create a gearbox that meets the needs of your application.
The design of gearboxes is the most complex process in the engineering process. These complex devices are made of multiple types of gears and are mounted on shafts. They are supported by rolling element bearings and are used for a variety of applications. In general, a gearbox is used to reduce speed and torque and change direction. Gearboxes are commonly used in motor vehicles, but can also be found in pedal bicycles and fixed machines.


There are several major segments in the gearbox market, including industrial, mining, and automotive. Gearbox manufacturers are required to understand the application and user industries to design a gearbox that meets their specific requirements. Basic knowledge of metallurgy is necessary. Multinational companies also provide gearbox solutions for the power generation industry, shipping industry, and automotive industries. To make their products more competitive, they need to focus on product innovation, geographical expansion, and customer retention.
The CZPT Group started as a small company in 1976. Since then, it has become a global reference in mechanical transmissions. Its production range includes gears, reduction gearboxes, and geared motors. The company was the first in Italy to achieve ISO certification, and it continues to grow into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of production gearboxes. As the industry evolves, CZPT focuses on research and development to create better products.
The agriculture industry uses gearboxes to implement a variety of processes. They are used in tractors, pumps, and agricultural machinery. The automotive industry uses gears in automobiles, but they are also found in mining and tea processing machinery. Industrial gearboxes also play an important role in feed and speed drives. The gearbox industry has a diverse portfolio of manufacturers and suppliers. Here are some examples of gearboxes:
Gearboxes are complex pieces of equipment. They must be used properly to optimize efficiency and extend their lifespan. Manufacturers employ advanced technology and strict quality control processes to ensure their products meet the highest standards. In addition to manufacturing precision and reliability, gearbox manufacturers ensure that their products are safe for use in the production of industrial machinery. They are also used in office machines and medical equipment. However, the automotive gearbox market is becoming increasingly competitive.

China supplier PG42-775 24V 775 DC Gear Motor Planetary Gear Box with 42 Mm Micro Motor PMDC Brushed Motor Permanent Magnet IE 2 Rohs 1-60kg.cm  with Great qualityChina supplier PG42-775 24V 775 DC Gear Motor Planetary Gear Box with 42 Mm Micro Motor PMDC Brushed Motor Permanent Magnet IE 2 Rohs 1-60kg.cm  with Great quality

in Ilorin Nigeria sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier 12mm Micro Metal DC gear mini 12V motor manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

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Our company pays specific focus to customers’ demands, listening to the particular demands of each customer and guaranteeing total pleasure. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was started in November, 1997. With its five wholly owned subsidiaries. The item properly displays environmental safety and energy preserving.

12mm EPT EPT dc EPT mini 12V motor

Main Characteristics
1.OEM/ODM 12X10mm EPTT additionally N20 ampN30 everlasting magnet DC motor
two.Small dimensions dc EPT motor with reduced pace and huge torque
three.12mm EPT motor give .1Nm torque and a lot more dependable
4.Ideal to modest diameter, minimal sounds and massive torque application
5.DC EPT motor can match encoder,3ppr
6.Reduction ratio:three,five,ten,20,30,50,63,a hundred,150,210,250,298,380

EPT design no. Rated voltage No-load speed No-load present Rated velocity Rated torque Rated recent Output EPTT Stall torque Stall recent
VDC r/min mA r/min g.cm mA W g.cm A
TFF-N20VA-13110 two.4 14800 sixty 12000 2.five 200 .31 13 one.20
TFF-N20VA-09220 five 14800 30 12000 2.five 120 .31 thirteen .fifty two
TFF-N20VA-571 twelve 16000 fifteen 12500 3. sixty .35 thirteen .twenty five

EPT motor specialized info : GM12-N20VA-13110-XXX

Reduction ratio ten 30 50 a hundred 150 210 250 298 380 1000
Size mm nine 9 nine 9 9 nine nine nine 9 twelve
No-load velocity rpm 1450 470 285 a hundred forty five 96 69 fifty eight 50 27 fourteen.5
Rated pace rpm 1200 400 240 one hundred twenty 80 57 48 forty 31 twelve
Rated torque kg.cm .015 .05 .07 .15 .22 .31 .37 .forty five .5 one.
Max.momentary tolerance torque kg.cm .08 .23 .4 .8 1.one one.five 1.six one.9 2.five 3.

EPT motor technological data : GM12-N20VA-09220-XXX

Reduction ratio 10 30 fifty a hundred 150 210 250 298 380 a thousand
Size mm nine 9 nine 9 nine 9 nine 9 nine 12
No-load velocity rpm 1450 470 285 a hundred forty five ninety six 69 58 50 27 fourteen.five
Rated speed rpm 1200 four hundred 240 a hundred and twenty eighty fifty seven 48 forty 31 twelve
Rated torque kg.cm .015 .05 .07 .fifteen .22 .31 .37 .45 .five 1.
Max.momentary tolerance torque kg.cm .08 .23 .four .eight 1.1 one.five 1.six 1.nine 2.five 3.

EPT motor technical information : GM12-N20VA-571-XXX

Reduction ratio ten thirty fifty 100 one hundred fifty 210 250 298 380 1000
Duration mm nine 9 9 9 nine 9 nine nine nine 12
No-load speed rpm 1550 530 310 160 one hundred ten 78 sixty fifty five forty three 16
Rated pace rpm 1100 four hundred 250 125 83 sixty 50 forty two 33 thirteen
Rated torque kg.cm .02 .05 .08 .18 .27 .37 .forty five .5 .5 one.
Max.momentary tolerance torque kg.cm .one .two .4 .eight one.one 1.five 1.six 1.9 two.5 three.

Solution Software
EPTs or doors electric powered locks, micro hoist, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.bage disposal, h2o IC Playing cards, toEPTTand EPTs, figer – electronic locks, optical devices,
Card EPTT, robotic, towel EPTT, business office products, EPTT EPTs, computerized actuator,and so on

Other Purposes:
Enterprise EPTTs: ATM, Copiers and Scanners, Currency EPT, Level of Sale, Printers, Vending EPTTs.
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House EPTTrtainment and Gaming: Gaming EPTTs, Online video Video games, EPTal Disk Drives, RC and EPTT Toys.
Residence EPTnologies: Property EPT, Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers, Assortment Hoods, Washers and Dryers, Fridges, Dishwashers, EPTr Care, Whirlpool and Spa, Showers, EPT Metering, Espresso EPTTs.
Garden and XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.den: Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Trimmers, Leaf Blowers.
Personal Care: Hair Cutting, Hair Care, Massagers.
EPTT Tools: Drills and Motorists, Sanders, Grinders, PoEPTTrs, Saws.
Camera and EPTal: Video clip, Cameras, Projectors.

Related EPT

EPTT amp Delivery
EPTT: solitary carton EPTT, one hundred parts for each box.
EPT time
DHL: three-5 operating daEPTT
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TNT: five-7 operating times
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EMS: twelve-fifteen working days
By Sea: Depends on which place

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Q: How to buy?
A: ship us inquiry #8594 EPT our quotation #8594 negotiate details #8594 verify the sample #8594 sign deal/deposit #8594 mass generation #8594 cargo completely ready #8594 equilibrium/supply #8594 even more cooperation.
Q: How about Sample purchase?
A: Sample is offered for you. make sure you get in touch with us for specifics. Speak to us
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  in Ilorin Nigeria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12mm Micro Metal DC gear mini 12V motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ilorin Nigeria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12mm Micro Metal DC gear mini 12V motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

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Our merchandise selection also handles locking assemblies (clamping elements/locking device), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, common joint, rod finishes and yokes. Our merchandise selection involves all varieties of helical gear, spur gear, bevel gear, equipment rack, worm gear, sprockets,chains, bearings. Additionally, WE CAN Create Customized VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Products In accordance TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. EPT high torque dc plastic EPT motor for robot

Primary Functions
one periodOEM solODM Plastic EPTs EPTT in addition A130 DC motor
two periodSmall dimension dc EPT motor with lower pace and huge torque
three periodSuitable to tiny diameter comma minimal sound and huge torque software
4 periodReduction ratio colon48 comma120 comma180 comma220 comma288

Model colon EPT TGP02D-A130


Rated voltage colon 6VDC Stall torque colon20g periodcm
No-load pace colon11500r solmin Stall recent colon0 period85A
No-load recent colon120mA sol


Rated voltage colon 3VDC Stall torque colon13g periodcm
No-load recent colon8000r solmin Stall recent colon0 period70A
No-load current colon120mA sol


Rated voltage colon 3VDC Stall torque colon20g periodcm
No-load speed colon11500r solmin Stall recent colon1 period80A
No-load recent colon250mA sol

EPT motor technical information colon TGP02D-A130-12215-XXX

Reduction ratio 48 a hundred and twenty 180 220 288
Duration mm
No-load speed rpm 230 90 60 fifty 38
Rated speed rpm
Rated torque kg periodcm
Max periodmomentary tolerance torque kg periodcm period7 one period4 2 period0 2 period2 two period8

EPT motor complex info colon TGP02D-A130-14175-XXX

Reduction ratio 48 one hundred twenty a hundred and eighty 220 288
Duration mm
No-load pace rpm 150 60 40 33 25
Rated velocity rpm
Rated torque kg periodcm
Max periodmomentary tolerance torque kg periodcm period5 period9 one period2 one period4 one period8

EPT motor specialized information colon TGP02D-A130-18100-XXX

Reduction ratio forty eight one hundred twenty a hundred and eighty 220 288
Length mm
No-load pace rpm 230 ninety 60 50 38
Rated velocity rpm
Rated torque kg periodcm
Max periodmomentary tolerance torque kg periodcm period7 1 period4 2 period0 two period2 two period8

Solution Software

Other Purposes colon
Organization EPTTs colon ATM comma Copiers and Scanners comma Forex EPT comma Position of Sale comma Printers comma Vending EPTTs interval
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House EPTnologies colon Residence EPT comma Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers comma Assortment Hoods comma Washers and Dryers comma Refrigerators comma Dishwashers comma EPTr Treatment comma Whirlpool and Spa comma Showers comma EPT Metering comma Coffee EPTTs period
Lawn and XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.den colon Lawn Mowers comma Snow Blowers comma Trimmers comma Leaf Blowers interval
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EPTT amp Shipping
EPTT colon single carton EPTT comma a hundred pieces for every box period
EPT time colon
DHL colon three-5 operating daEPTT semi
UPS colon five-seven operating times semi
TNT colon 5-7 functioning days semi
FedEx colon seven-nine doing work times semi
EMS colon 12-15 working days semi
EPTT Put up colon Is dependent on ship to which region semi
Sea colon Is dependent on ship to which region

Our organization
TT EPT lparHK rpar EPTT Co period comma Ltd has been EPTTizing in micro motors comma EPT motors and their respective areas given that 2000 interval
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By EPTaging our hard-received reputation for honesty comma dependability and quality comma TT EPT aims to proceed as a pioneer in the product sales overEPTT by seeking EPTT companions period of time If your business is an finish-consumer of micro-motors comma a distributor or an agent comma make sure you make contact with us time period We seem EPTT to currently being ready to operate with each other with you in the near EPT time period

Q colon How to purchase quest
A colon ship us inquiry rightEPT EPT our quotation rightEPT negotiate particulars rightEPT verify the sample rightEPT indicator contract soldeposit rightEPT mass creation rightEPT cargo ready rightEPT harmony soldelivery rightEPT more cooperation time period
Q colon How about Sample order quest
A colon Sample is available for you time period please get in touch with us for details interval Our website colonwww periodttmotor periodcom
Q colon Which delivery way is avaliable quest
A colon DHL comma UPS comma FedEx comma TNT comma EMS comma EPTT Put up commaSea are accessible periodThe other delivery waEPTTare also accessible comma remember to make contact with us if you need to have ship by the other shipping and delivery way time period
Q colon How EPTT is the provide quest
A colon Devliver time depends on the quantity you purchase period of time typically it requires 15-25 doing work times period of time
Q colon My package has lacking items period What can I do quest
A colon Make sure you get in touch with our help team and we will affirm your orEPTTwith the bundle contents periodWe apologize for any inconveniences period
Q colon How to validate the payment quest
A colon We settle for payment by T solT comma PayPal comma the other payment waEPTTalso could be acknowledged commaPlease speak to us prior to you shell out by the other payment techniques period Also 30-fifty percnt deposit is obtainable comma the harmony funds should be paid out ahead of shipping time period

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Our goods are applied in a lot of fields. It has recognized stable cooperation with many well identified universities and institutes in china these kinds of as, Zhejiang College, Jilin University, Technological committee of nationwide chain push standard, Institute of national chain generate, Zhejiang application engineering material institute, Huhan material security institute and it cooperated to discovered China Initial Vehicle chain institute with Countrywide chain push institute. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was launched in November, 1997. With its five wholly owned subsidiaries.

22mm Higher Toruqe 12V DC Planetary Equipment Micro EPT

You should kindly permit us know
1) what is your necessity to volt?
two) what is your prerequisite to rpm?
3) what is your necessity toTorque?
4) what is your requirement to EPTtity.

Then we will provide answers accordingly.

Item Classification

EPT maker EPT motor value With Specialist EPT Support

We alwaEPTprovide consumers with unique goods:EPT-successful, decrease
noise, greater performance and balance, EPTer daily life and higher strength.

Basic data
Item title PG22180 collection,22mm diameter world EPT motor
EPT variety carbon-brush commutator
Equipment sort StraigEPT EPTwheel,earth construction
EPT materials Metal
Geartrain content Metal and Powdered EPT,POM optional
EPT at output shaft Sleeve bearing
Lubricant Grease for large-reduced temperature, -sixty two— 204 degree
Backlash at no-load lt1 deg,MIN0.three deg
OEM amp ODM Services Available
Certificate CE,ROHS,ISO/TS16949

An precise design of EPT and motor blend
Product seires PG22180 Collection
An actual Product NO. PG22180 06 ten thousand-90K
EPT Voltage(VDC) six
EPT no load speed(rpm) 10000
EPT reduction ratio 90K
Gearmotor no load recent(A) lt0.299
Gearmotor no load velocity(rpm) 128
Gearmotor rated load torque(kgf.cm) 2.five
Gearmotor rated current(A) lt1.327
Gearmotor rated load velocity(rpm) a hundred /-10%
Sound (DB) lt55DB
Lifetime 1000 hours (may differ by application)
Rotation CW/CCW reversible

EPT ampXiHu (West Lake) Dis.hu (West Lake) Dis.

Organization Data


Q: Are you a buying and selling organization or a producer?
A: We are a maker.
Q: Can you make a motor with customized specifications?
A: Sure, in fact that is what we do most of the time.
Q: What is the MOQ (least orEPTquantity)?
A: one computer for sample get, and 100pcs for bulk order.
Q: Do you have motors in inventory?
A: No, we never. All motors are produced with orders.
Q: How to spend you?
Paypal, Western Union, Funds Gram, T/T, L/C payment are acceptable.
Q: What do you need to have to know if I need to have a recommendation on motor?
A: Typically we want to know dimensions, rated voltage, pace at load/no load, torque at load/stall. i.e.
a motor with diameter 37mm, 12V, 100rpm and 2Kgf.cm at load.
Q: Can I question you for assist if I know practically nothing about motor?
A: Yes, our satisfaction. We are wonderful individuals with huge hearts.
Q: Can we variety our brand name on it?
A: Of course of system.
Q: The place is your loading port ?
A: HangEPT Port, ZheJiang Port, EPT.
Q: What is your generation capacity?
A: About 4000 PCS for each working day.
Q: Can I pay a visit to your manufacturing facility?
A: Of course,of program

Speak to US


Tel: -574-8849571

Contact: Sweet Xu

Incorporate: NO.1269 Mingshu Highway EPTngshan EPT Zone,XiHu (West Lake) Dis.hu (West Lake) Dis. District,HangEPT EPT Province EPT.

Put up: 315191

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  in Gomel Belarus  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 22mm High Toruqe 12V DC Planetary Gear Micro Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler